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10 Reasons why you are still a single lady

1. You blame men/women for everything
That is why most of you are still single. You refuse to make yourselves accountable for your own actions. Everything is their fault, and according to you, once they “act right” then you will have no problem falling in line for them.
2. You think you are too cute for anyone
Ok so you’re beautiful and have a nice body, great! Problem is, if a man talks to you and finds out that there is nothing else to you then why would he bother wanting to make you his woman. He will still want sex (sex is always an option for men) but that’s it. Make yourself a more well-rounded fun individual and more men will want to make you their own.
3. You are a gold digger.
You are so caught up in money, cars, phones, that you overlook the things that are truly important to having and maintaining a relationship. Realize that most men are not rich, so right there you immediately make it harder for yourself to find the right guy.
4. Because you have a bad attitude
Being a negative person isn’t going to help you find love. Stop insulting guys, you attitude is so bad that guys cant compliment you without you insulting them. You may have a good look..Most of the men may still go after you for sex, but if you learn to fix that attitude then you will start to attract the right kind of man in your life.
5. You don’t keep yourself up
Not that you have to get your nails and hair done every 2 weeks (though some of us do like that) but you can’t always look raggedy either. I mean damn, some of you ladies just put no real effort into how you look. Not everyone has the same style, but good hygiene and health should be a goal for all.
6. Sex has been your downfall
I personally believe it is best to wait, but the reality is that most of us have or will engage in sex before we are married. SEX WILL NOT KEEP A MAN! As a woman if you chose to do that, then understand that your “skills” or lack thereof will impact a man’s willingness to make you his woman not his wife. We have millions of women out there.
7. You have been hurt
Many single women reading this remain single or in dead-end relationships because you have been hurt in your past. This hurt will block the blessings you deserve to receive. I understand how difficult it can be to move on from these things, but if you are ever to move in the right direction as well as into a new healthy relationship, you must begin with forgiveness. Start the process of letting the pain go and watch how things improve.
8. You are entertaining the wrong guy
You know he isn’t the one for you yet you continue to entertain this man and his nonsense. He isn’t even giving you a full commitment but yet you are giving him all the benefits of a real relationship. How do you expect to ever find the “right guy”.
9. You are too busy enjoying “single life”
You’re just having too much fun living it up. Maybe you like to come and go as you please. Maybe you enjoy the free meals, outings, and for some, the bills that get paid from your “guy friends”. If those are your reasons, I get it, but just make sure that you aren’t using that as a front. Many women claim to love the “single life” but in a heartbeat they would trade it in for a genuine relationship.
10. You haven’t met the right guy
Shout out to the ladies that don’t settle. Shout out to the ladies that understand that if he isn’t the right guy for you, then forcing a relationship is pointless. The reality is, just because you meet a “good guy” that doesn’t mean he is the “right guy”. Continue to be patient, but make sure that the reason you haven’t met him isn’t due to unfair requirements you have set. If “that guy” is defined by his job, car, income bracket, and things of that nature then good luck with that. Those things make finding him harder, and personally I think you should focus on finding a man you connect with. Without that connection, “that guy” will easily become “that ex” in due time.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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