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FDC’s Twijukye Colleb Rwasiina nominated for Bishop Stuart University Guild President Post

Twijukye Colleb Rwasiina has been nominated today for the Guild President Post at Bishop Stuart University in hotly contested elections.

The nomination was done on Wednesday afternoon at the Campus which is located in Mbarara City, 3 KM off Buremba road in Kakoba.

The FDC leaning candidate, Twijukye is one of the three candidates that were nominated to contest for the prime student’s body office in the university.

Upon his nomination, Twijukye thanked his supporters and the BSU students’ body calling students to turn up in big numbers to vote him.

“Finally I have been nominated. I appreciate the Stuarts for the solidarity showcased by painting BSU blue,” said Twijukye “I would like to remind you that voting is not only our right but also our power. So Let’s show up ….in big numbers.”

The two other contestants who were also nominated are Mugabe Alex, a student who was arrested at the University campus barely a month ago with other students as they protested against what he called “Infringement of student’s rights by the University” and the third candidate being Beingana Emmanuel who is independent and doesn’t subscribe to any political party.

Popular comedian and TV West Presenter Muhereza Valentine popularly known as Kachaina did not contest despite having shown interest earlier this week.

Voting will be done on November 17th 2021 after one week of open campaigns to choose University’s next guild president.

Bishop Stuart University has always emphasized its political neutrality; banishing multiparty elections in the internal elections of the university. But despite strong warnings, candidates have always associated themselves with political parties, using party colors and University political party councils as platforms for campaigns and mobilization.

Bishop Stuart University is a Church of Uganda founded, making 20 years next year since it was founded. With an excess of 4,000 students, it is one of the most populous Universities in Western Uganda region.




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