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Attackers were not likely suicide bombers – Minister of Security Muhwezi

Minister of Security Retired Major General Jim Muhwezi Katugugu has talked about the current state of security in the country following the two bombs that exploded yesterday killing 6 people including the bombers.

Muhwezi who insisted that country is now safe and will continue to be says that the three bombers were likely not suicide bombers but rather tricked to carry the luggage that contained explosives.

Muhwezi said this while appearing on UBC TV, the government run Television where he said that the bombers appeared to have been ignorant about what they were carrying and were probably paid to deliver the bag only to be blown by the bombs they were carrying.

“When he got near those check points and the two police patrol cars parked….he talked on phone,” Jim Muhwezi talking about the blast that happened near Central Police Station – Kampala.

“Which means that there was someone he was talking with…….there is a very strong likelihood that actually he was not a suicide bomber. But he was carrying an explosive and the person who talked to him after that detonated what he was carrying on his back. He may not have known that is going to blow himself up.” Muhwezi continued.

Muhwezi’s observations is almost similar to what Andrew Mwenda had said earlier when he said that the bombers where probably given a package to deliver, ignorant about what they were carrying, they moved as their bosses were following who then detonated the bomb when the bombers reached their preferred targets.

“It seems he had instructions of where to go but without knowing what the real mission was. The person controlling the detonator could have been at a distance. Realizing his agent was not reaching the target correctly he decided to detonate and get whatever little damage he could salvage.” Said independent journalist Andrew Mwenda.

The two bombs detonated yesterday hit near Central Police Station in Kampala and near Parliament on Parliamentary Avenue next to Jubliee Insurance Building.

Islamic State has already claimed responsibility while President Museveni has warned that they are coming for those ‘Pigs’.

Muhwezi concluded by insisting that the country is safe giving an example of UK who were recently hit by an explosion in Liverpool City yet no one says that UK is not secure.

He assured Ugandans and tourists that there safety is guaranteed.

“These are isolated incidences which happen everywhere, the other day in Liverpool there was an explosion, you don’t say that Britain is on fire…No… Uganda is a very very secure country!” Said Muhwezi



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