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10 Most Followed Ugandan Female Celebrities on Facebook in 2021

10 Most Followed Ugandan Female Celebrities on Facebook in 2021

Facebook remains the most popular social site in the world and Uganda in particular. With 2.9 Billion users worldwide, Facebook has more users than any other social media in the world. Despite Facebook being illegal in the country, Uganda has over 3.25M people. Thanks to third party apps the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that aid nationals to access Facebook.

Various celebrities, musicians, politicians, media personalities, comedians etc have managed to build a considerate following on Facebook which help them in expanding their spheres of influence, getting ambassadorial deals and other advertisements, spreading their content and communicating to fans.

Female Celebrities have not been left behind and are some of the most followed Ugandans on social media with some individuals like Anne Kansiime being the most followed person on social media overall. Their following is not only limited to Ugandans but rather their fans in East and Central Africa and the rest of the world.

Here is the list of 10 most followed Female Celebrities on Facebook.

  1. Anne Kansiime 3.5 Million followers. The Ugandan comedian is not only the most followed female artist on Facebook but the most followed Ugandan overall. Her standup comedy and acted comedy clips have made her not only famous in Uganda but also in the whole of Africa. Her comedy show Don’t Mess with Anne Kansiime on Maisha Magic sold her across the continent. She has 3.5 Million following.
  2. Sheebah 2M followers. The Karma queen Sheebah Karungi comes at number 2 with two million Facebook likes. Sheebah gained fame from music having been one of the top female artists in the country for close to a decade.
  3. Spice Diana 1.99M likes. Guess this is not surprising. Spice Diana has branded herself well and is one of the most followed female celebrities not only on Faceboook but also Instagram.
  4. Rema Namakula 1.3M likes. Mukyala Doctor is the fourth most followed Ugandan female celebrity on Facebook. The role model of ladies in Uganda has a following on 1.33 Million likes.
  5. Lydia Jazmine 1.2M likes. Lydia Jazmine is not a talented singer but a beauty queen as well. Rich in melanin, Jazmine has a following of 1.2 Million people.
  6. Juliana Kanyomozi 1.2M likes. The Tooro Princess, Maama Taj is considered one of the best artists that have ever been produced by Uganda. A brand ambassador, Juliana has 1.2 Million likes.
  7. Sheilah Gashumba 1M likes. The most followed media personality in Uganda, Gashumba is one of the most influencial media personalities. An entrepreneur, influencer, brand ambassador and TV presenter NBS, Gashumba has a following of 1M people.
  8. Vinka 760K likes. Popular with deep voice, Vinka has risen from being a talent manager to one of the best Uganda’s female artists of her generation. She has a following of 760,000.
  9. Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi 733K likes. An entrepreneur, wife, mother and philanthropist, Barbie Kyagulanyi is one of the most popular celebrities in Uganda. She is a wife to National Unity Platform president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

Cinderella Sanyu 730K likes. Considered one of the best Uganda’s female artists ever, Cindy Sanyu a former blue 3 singer makes it number 10 on our list with 730,000 likes.


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