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My Wife Used To Be The Husband And I The Wife- Samson Kasumba Tells Tweeps

Celebrated media personality Samson Kasumba has come out to reveal to his Twitter followers how a few years ago he had settled into the wifely role and his wife the man of the home.

According to African tradition, the man is always the bread winner who has to provide for his family but according to Kasumba’s financial situation then, he had seceded this role to the wife.

Kasumba is one of the most controversial Twitter users on the blue bird app.

This is because he has always proved to be a man who does not mince his words and is always ready to take a bullet for his principles.

Kasumba has proven over time that his flamboyance does not only stop on just reading news on NBS TV but even in his reasoning.

The journalist is always exchanging one twos with his followers who feel that he should succumb to their wishes.

The journalist is someone who has always tried to show the value of having a well set up brand and he’s built his from scratch and often boasts about.

It was from this that one Twitter asked why he doesn’t go and work on an upcoming station and see if he can still have that influence he brags about.

Kasumba replied the user saying that by the time he was at Urban TV, it was still struggling and when he quit it, 1200 followed him through the exit door.

He went ahead to talk about some of his struggles he’s had to deal with but eventually beat them.

“When I was
it was a growing station. When I joined
in 2016 I was followed by 1200 people. I failed Senior Six. I have lived in a house without windows and a cemented floor! We had Biwempe and Buveera as a roof when I sat my O-Levels. I was jobless in 2013!”

Kasumba further said that nothing has come to him on a silver platter.

He’s had to sweat for it but above all it’s his discipline that has taken him places.

“Nothing has come to me on a silver plate. But I will tell you this: Be disciplined and go to places where influential people are. They will take you places if you are disciplined and hardworking. When you get anything to do, do it like you will die if it is not done right! Mehn..” Kasumba further said.

The humourous journalist further said that there is nothing to hide about his story because many people know his tale of trying.

He also said that 8 years ago his wife was doing the his role of working as he remained home gardening.

“There is nothing to hide about my story bse people know these things.I am very proud of everything that has been part of my life good and bad. They have all contributed to shaping the way I see the world. 8yrs ago my wife would go to work and I stayed home gardening. Mehn.” He concluded his lecture.



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