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Museveni Suspends All Public Gatherings As Covid Cases Continue To Surge


President Museveni suspended all Public and cultural gatherings including conferences for 42 days across the country as a way of controlling the spread of the second wave of Corona Virus. The schools and institutions of high learning have also been closed for 42 days effective from 6th June 2021 at 8 AM.

Museveni directed that all religious institutions including churches and mosques should suspend their activities that bring together gatherings for a period of 42 days as government monitors the situation.

Speaking to the country about the Covid-19 situation yesterday at Nakasero, Museveni said there is need to control the rate at which the virus is spreading in the country. “All schools and institutions of higher learning should close for 42 days effective 8 AM of 7th June 2021 (tomorrow),”Museveni said.

He explained that schools have become an epicenter for the virus and hence the need to close them to avoid the continued spread of the virus.

“There is an increased number of clusters of infections in schools. When the children were in villages, I didn’t hear of any infections. Now when we opened, schools have become new centers of infections.” He said

He noted that a total of 948 cases have been reported in 43 schools in 22 districts with Kampala, Gulu, Masaka and Oyam districts constituting 61% of the reported cases in schools and higher institutions.

According to Museveni, because of the need to stop this trend, there is need to close all schools and institutions of higher learning for a period of 42 days until further notice.

“All schools that had been open should close with immediate effect. The risk of staying together is bigger than that of dispersal. The reason is to avoid concentrations.”

The president said that for all teachers to return to school, they should first get vaccinated.

President Museveni also banned the movement from one district to another as one of the measures to control the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

“All inter-district travel is banned for 42 days except for cargo trucks,” Museveni said.He noted that this is for both public and private transport.

The president explained that this will help stop the spread of the virus from one district to another.

He however made exception for Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso districts where he allowed people to move.

According to the president, in the face of increasing virus numbers, the best option is prevention by putting strict measures to be adhered by everyone but warned that violation will attract serious reprimand.

“Violation of these measures will lead to fines. Instead of arresting people and filling jails, this time you will have to pay. Why do we waste time with arresting these people? The Secretary for treasury will issue a statutory instrument and when you violate you are fined.” He added.


President Museveni also put in place a number of new Standard Operating Procedures that need to be followed.

  1. All Public and cultural gatherings including conferences are suspended for 42 days.
  2. Shopping malls, factories and supermarkets can continue operating but under strict SOPs
  3. Taxi parks, markets, and big farms can operate with strict S.O.Ps.
  4. Marriage ceremonies and social gatherings are banned except for 20 people only.
  5. House parties are banned
  6. Number of persons at burial should not exceed 20 people
  7. Weekly markets are banned for 42 days.
  8. Public transport, buses and taxes between districts are banned
  9. All inter district travel is banned for 42 days.
  10. Cargo tracks, essential and emergency transport is allowed
  11. Travel within a district is allowed
  12. Cargo tracks are only allowed to carry two people

13 Bars, cinemas, and disco remain closed

  1. Sporting activities can continue but without spectators
  2. Places should have someone in charge to enforce sops
  3. Private vehicles should not carry more 3 people
  4. Inter district travel also banned for private vehicles
  5. Ambulance and security vehicles allowed to move normally
  6. Shopping mall, and hardware shops allowed to operate with SOPs and close at 7PM.
  7. Salons allowed operating with SOPs
  8. Cargo tracks allowed crossing to neighboring countries
  9. Boda bodas are allowed to operate up to 6 PM
  10. Curfew time remains at 9PM

Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja is a Ugandan Photo Journalist, Influencer, Photo and Videographer, News Editor and a critic in African Politics


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