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Covidex Delivers Miracles to the users- National Drugs Authority declares

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Just after a few days after approving the COVIDEX, the National Drug Authority (NDA) has come out to market the drug by saying that it does miracles for those who have used or use it.

It should however be noted that a couple of weeks ago, NDA came out to caution people against using the drug since it had not yet been certified by the body.

They went ahead to clash with the manufacturers led by Mbarara University of Science and Technology’s Prof Patrick Ogwang.

NDA accused Ogwang of delaying the process to certify the drug and unproven claims that the drug cured COVID 19.

Prof Ogwang however came out and said that the drug had not yet undergone clinical tests to determine it’s efficiency.

He however said that it had only been tested on rats and also a few individuals who had used it had only positive feedback about it.

Covidex by then had already become a darling among COVID 19 and flu patients with a 20mls bottle going for Ugx 10,000.

NDA however asked Ogwang to take it off the market and after a few meetings between NDA and Covidex makers, the drug was certified this week.

The claim of curing COVID 19 was however dropped since it it’s not proven but it’s said that it helps in treating and alleviating viral symptoms.

Now appearing on NBS morning breeze program, NDA PR Abiaz Rwamwiri went ahead to say that the drug is indeed a miracle.

“As we talk now, Covidex is a supportive treatment. It can make wonders for people but the wonders relate to alleviating symptoms of viral infections.” Rwamwiri said.

Rwamwiri added however that since Covidex is a herbal medicine, people should take it on the prescription of professional medical practitioners and should therefore avoid self medication.

He further said that NDA has and continues to work with herbal medicine makers and not only those who made Covidex.

Rwamwiri went ahead to say that Covidex is at it’s initial stages and it can’t be claimed that it cures diseases on it’s own but rather compliments other drugs in treating viral infections.

It’s said that a bottle that costed around Ugx 10,000 before being certified now goes for about varying prices ranging from  Ugx 15,000, 30,000 and  50,000  in various pharmacies pharmacies around the country.

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