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Covid-19 Death Cases At High Rate As Population Hesitates Observing SOPs

Covid-19 death cases at high rate in Uganda as the population hesitant at observing standard operating procedures and the new guidelines introduced by president Museveni in the recent covid-19 address.

Early this week, 4 people were succumbed to corona virus in one village including the LC1 chairperson in just two days in Lweza village, Mukono Central Division, Mukono Municipality

The LC1 chairman was, Ssaalongo George Ssekandi, aged 80 years.

However during the burial ceremony, more the 200 people were seen attending the ceremony the act which contradicts with the new guidelines which were introduced by president Museveni of not acceding 20 people.

Residents of this area have been strongly cautioned to observe the standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Lweza vice-chairperson Joachim Ssendi told mourners that COVID-19 had also claimed two residents of the neighbouring villages of Namumira and Kitega during this second wave of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Rev. Erisa Walusimbi of St. Peter’s Church of Uganda rallied Ugandans to seek God’s healing power for the scars that the pandemic has left on their hearts from losing loved ones.

‘We have run to hospitals to seek help, but the situation there is so worrying,’ he said.

‘It is better we pray to God to help us kick this pandemic out of us because He is the only remedy that we can trust.’

Walusimbi also reminded the people of Mukono to avoid violating the guidelines that are intended to protect them from contracting and spreading the virus.

Uganda has also registered 25 deaths, the highest ever recorded in a day, bringing the total number to 459.

Ministry of Health data released yesterday shows that tests carried out on June 13 indicate that the country recorded a total of 64,521 Covid-19 cases with at least 920 patients admitted to hospitals across the country with 48,480 recoveries. The test positivity rate stands at 21.5 per cent.

The country registered 71 deaths in one week.

Dr Charles Olaro, the director curative services at Ministry of Health, yesterday said the population became reluctant on observing standard operating procedures.

With the pandemic in the second wave, experts say the infection rate has increased, which risks straining the healthcare system.

Dr Monica Musenero, the senior presidential adviser on epidemics, said one infected person can infect 10 to 15 people.

“The general situation is getting out of hand; there are places where the rate of infection is so high that if you picked any five people, two or more of them would be positive. Covid works by multiplying numbers,” Dr Musenero said.

“Our reproductive number (RO) is very high in that one person is generating 10 to 15 new cases instead of when one person generates only one case. That means the cases grow and we are reaching where Covid does its greatest havoc,” she added.

Dr Musenero said the increase in transmissions indicates that interventions are not effective.

Asked on the number of new infections one person can generate, Dr Musenero added: “It is above four. So we multiply by four the number of cases every week. Some may generate none, some less than four and some more than four. With poor control, the number goes beyond.”

Dr Musenero said the RO is currently around 3.5 to 4.5 because the testing is low and thus could be much likely higher.

She added that when the RO is less than one, it means the disease is being controlled and thus a higher chance of eliminating the virus.

When the RO is greater than one, it means the epidemic is going to expand and the larger the number, the faster the growth.

The North Kigezi diocese Bishop Rt Rev Benon Magezi also died after he tested positive for Covid-19 before he was admitted at Mbarara regional referral hospital.

The news of his death was first broken by the Rujumbura county MP Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi through his Facebook page and WhatsApp group of Rukungiri District leaders.

He said the bishop had tested positive for the virus.

His death occurred hours after the ministry of health report indicated Uganda’s virus cases had soared to 64,251 after 1,422 more Ugandans tested positive for Covid-19 on June 13, 2021.

The ministry’s statement also indicated that 25 more Ugandans had succumbed to the virus in just 24 hours, pushing the total fatality to 459 since March last year when the virus outbreak was confirmed in Uganda.

Uganda is in the race to vaccinate its population against the coronavirus. So far, 803,797 people have been inoculated.

Uganda will today receive its second batch of Covid-19 vaccine.

A total of 175,200 doses of AstraZaneca vaccines were donated by the French embassy under the COVAX programme.

Officials from both the Ministry of Health and Unicef Uganda confirmed the development.

Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja
Jolliebest Kasajja is a Ugandan Photo Journalist, Influencer, Photo and Videographer, News Editor and a critic in African Politics


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