‘‘Consult Medical Workers Before Using Covidex’’, Dr Ogwanga Warns Ugandans

Prof. Patrick Ogwang, who led the manufacturing of Covidex a local herb that was approved last month by the National Drug Authority (NDA) for use as a treatment regimen for COVID-19 has warned Ugandans to first seek medical advice before using the herb.

The drug, made by Mbarara University scientists led by Prof Patrick Ogwang, had generated debate over its efficacy in treating the dreaded Covid-19.

While addressing a virtual joint press conference on Covidex and its distribution on Monday, Prof. Ogwang advised Ugandans to get medical advice before using the treatment.

Ogwang noted that they have received reports that Covidex is causing contractions, especially in pregnant mothers and those living with other ailments.

“For pregnant women, please consult with your medical worker. We have heard some issues of Covidex causing contractions,” Prof. Ogwang said.

“Those with underlying health conditions and breastfeeding mothers, please consult with your health workers as well.”

He also emphasized the public to buy Covidex from a licensed pharmacy and hospitalsbut not individuals

“We (Jena Herbal Limited) want to focus on the research and manufacturing of Covidex and let other companies like Rocket Health handle the distribution. We are working hard to ensure every part of the country accesses Covidex,” Prof Ogwang noted.

National Drug Authority (NDA) approved the use of Covidex, a local herbal medicine as a supporting treatment for viral infections, including Covid-19 last month at media centre in Kampala

The NDA executive director, Mr David Nahamya said after various assessment and inspection of the factory manufacturing the herbal medicine, they have approved its use to support treatment of viral infections including covid-19.

“After engagements, the innovators have removed unsubstantiated claims that the product treats and prevents Covid-19 and revised it to supportive treatment in management of viral infections. NDA has granted Covidex an approval based on initial assessment, published literature and safety studies conducted by the innovator,” Mr Nahamya announced.

The product has been formulated from herbal plants that have been traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of several diseases.

Mr Nahamya requested the public to immediately report any side effects from the use of this product to our toll free line 0800101999 on the day Covidex was approved for use.

According to Prof. Ogwanga the first price was UGX 3,000 but was increased to UGX 6,000 factory price

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