You have graduated, now what next?

Whereas graduation is always a day full of excitements, most graduates deep in their hearts are full of fear, they are now done with education, what’s next. This fear is normal, asking yourself what next after you have graduated! In fact if you are one of those holding placards asking what next, worry not; there are many options you need to take. Here we explain four alternatives to take after your Bachelors degree.

1. Getting a full time job. The first thing you should struggle to do is getting a job after campus. Make applications to different companies that are having job openings, make use of your circles and networks.

Getting a full time job helps you to become financially independent, helps you to apply your freshly acquired theories to practice, discover areas that you need to improve and also gives a chance to shape you’re the future of your career. Getting a job early helps you also to make money at an early age and start either saving or investing at an early age.

2. Take Internships and voluntary work. Doing internship and/or voluntary work after campus helps you to acquire the necessary skills that employers are asking for. Working well and developing your relationship with the company can help you get rewarded with a full time job. It also helps to get connections and networks in the field which can help you get permanent job.

Some companies exploit the free labor of interns and volunteers, giving them nothing in return. You need also to choose wisely the company or organization where you are to do your internship from.

3. Going for postgraduate studies. The third option is going for postgraduate studies. It can be a postgraduate diploma or Masters Degree. Getting more qualifications gives you an advantage to compete in the tight overcrowded labor market. It also widens your scope and fields where you can be employed.

3. Self-Employment. Sometimes you can’t find a job soon, or you are not ready to join the job competition. Why not start your own job? You can start your own business, be your own boss, retain your independence and watch your business grow.

The problem with self employment is that most people who have just graduated do not have capital to start a business of their choice or enough experience to run a business successfully.

Good luck, the choice is yours!

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