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Ways to Prepare for a Successful Interview

Ways to Prepare for a Successful Interview

You have done hundreds of interviews but all the time you are not called back, your papers are fine and other requirements but you are always turned down by interviewers. There is a high probability that the way you conduct yourself during the interview is the reason why you are not called back.

Most Ugandan employers use your education levels, skills and experience during short listing, in interviews what matters is how you express yourself. How you look, how you speak, how quick you can get an answer of unexpected question, vocal abilities and body language. It’s therefore important that you improve on these things before you go for any interview.

Here are things that you need to work out:

1. Make a research about the company. The first thing you need to do is to find out the nature, values and principles of the company. Get brief information about the basics and profile of the company. Most Ugandan employers like hiring people who are already acquainted with company principles and discipline.

2. Understand the job description. It’s very important that you find out the nature of the job you are being interviewed for, what you are supposed to do for the company, roles, duties and responsibilities so as to answer questions relevantly.

3. Get your answers ready for common interview questions. There are questions that appear in most of the interviews here in Uganda. Questions like ‘Who are you?’, ‘Why do you think you are suitable for this job?’ ‘Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?’ ‘What are your strengths and weakness?’ etc. Make sure you have answers ready for those questions, should they be asked.

4. Get copies of your documents ready and move alongside original documents in case they are asked for verification. Get printed copies of your resume (Curriculum Vitae) and go with them.

5. Make more rehearsals about your body and voice languages. Body language plays a big role in an interview. Mind how you express yourself on an interview, things like introduction, handshake, smile, facial expressions and etc matter a lot.

6. Do mock interviews. These are test interviews carried out in preparation of the main interview. Get someone to interview you and pretend that you are in the interview hall. In that way you will test your abilities and improve where necessary.

7. Lastly, be ready to make follow ups after the interview and ready to accept the outcome from the interview. Keep positive throughout the process.

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