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UCC SIM Klear: How to Check whether your Phone is Legit or Counterfeit

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Uganda Communications Commission – UCC has launched Sim Klear campaign that is aimed at scrapping counterfeit and/or illegitimate phones off circulation in Uganda.

The campaign is to help users get away with phones which are illegally sold on Ugandan market with most of them being stolen and having their serial numbers (IMEI) manipulated. In the campaign, UCC will tell users on dangers of using counterfeit phones.

UCC has put ways on how you can check whether your phone is legitimate or not. There are two ways to do this. One is using your phone USSD code and the second one is using UCC online portal.

How to Check Phone Legitmacy using USSD Code.

  • On your phone dial *197*4#
  • The message will pop up on your phone from your service provider
  • If the phone is legitimate, it will be displaying the Phone model
  • Then an SMS from your service provider (MTN, Airtel, Lyca) will follow with details about your phone type.
    • Eg: Your Serial number is legitmate with the details T901, TECNO, Tecno Telecom (HK) T901). Once you receive such message, then your phone is legit.
  • If your phone is illegitimate or counterfeit, after dialing *197*4# a message will pop up telling ‘Device not found’ on MTN Uganda or ‘Device Not Valid’ from Airtel Uganda.
  • An SMS from your service provider will follow with words such as “Your device serial number is NOT legitimate hence our phone might be counterfeit. Contact your device vendor….”
    SIM Klear MTN
  • In case you receive such a message, do not take it lightly as you might be in a possession of a phone that is stolen phone; look forward to getting a legit phone.

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How to check Sim Klear Using UCC Web Portal.

  • Go to your browser, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer or whatever browser that you use and type ucc.co.ug/imei.php or you can click here directly UCC IMEI CHECK WEB PORTAL.
  • Get your phone IMEI and copy it. IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)and you can get it by dialing pressing *#06# your IMEI or serial number will show up immediately.
  • Put in your IMEI in the input text box above the word Verify my Phone and then click on Verify my Phone button.
  • If the Phone is legit, a message will pop up with phone type and phone model confirm if the model displayed matches with the model of your phone, should it be the same, get a bottle and sip some wine. Should the model displayed fail to correspond with the phone type you are having, contact your phone vendor (Tecno, Itel, Samsung, Apple, etc) depending on your phone type.
    • “IMEI VERIFICATION RESULTSName : Tecno Telecom (HK) Limited
      Phone Model: T901Note: If IMEI (356807103700025) is given by other type of phone, seek help from vendor as phone may be counterfeit”
  • If the phone is not legit, a message will pop up RED color telling you that your phone is not legit and therefore might be counterfeit. Consider contacting your phone vendor or abandoning the phone for a new one.
    UCC IME Portal

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