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Things you must never include on your CV/Resume

A good resume can do wonders in helping you to get a job soon; a bad resume will make you stay on streets forever! With this said, there are things that you must never include in your resume which when added do not only offer no value to the CV but rather affects the mind of the employer negatively. We list 10 things that you must never include on your resume

1. Personal Information: You are expected to put only your Name, Address and Contact. The rest of your personal information unless required never include it in your CV. Your age, tribe, religious affiliation or NSSF number, etc keep them to yourself. There are two reasons why you should not include them, one; no one cares, your employer doesn’t care, the interviewer doesn’t care and the company doesn’t care. Two, its discouraged for an employer to ask you things like your tribe and religion.

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2. Irrelevant job experiences. Very many people list tens of past job experiences to impress the employer, but the truth is, the employer is only interested in past job experiences where the applicant has been doing related jobs. Putting job experiences that are not directly or indirectly related to the job you are applying for shows the employer that you haven’t gained any skills and experiences from your past jobs required to help you do the job that you are applying for.

3. Family information. Many people include their family information on the CV. This information includes but not limited to marital status, number of children, spouses, parents names etc. It’s useless to include this information. Just wasting the valuable space.

4. Your hobbies: no one cares. Wasting both your and the companies time. Unless a hobby is directly related to the job, don’t put in too much of your energy filling hobbies.

5. Never ever include the reasons for job changes. When including your past jobs and experiences, never include reasons why you left those companies, no one needs them, but once you include them, they will paint a bad picture of you to the employer.

6. Avoid self praise statements. Whereas we always advise you to use a resume to sell yourself, avoid using words of self praise. Look for objective words that explain how good you are but not too much hyping.

Phrases like: Award winning sales executive looking for a challenging work environment

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7. Barefaced lies. Many people tell lies that are too obvious to be detected in their CVs, these include putting work experiences that do not exist. Some applicants claim to have worked for companies that do not exist while others claim to have worked in positions of companies where they have never been. For instance in Uganda, claiming that you worked as a Human Resource Manager of MTN Uganda, that lie can easily be detected by employers. Other lies include putting colleges that you did not attend etc.

8. Get professional emails. A good email should contain one or double combination of your names. Emails you opened for fun should be left for fun and not included on your CV. Emails such as sidechickgirls@gmail.com, Mrloverboy@yahoo.com etc, rest them.

9. Do not include contact information of your current employment. Don’t be that stupid to include your office phone number and the email of your current company’s domain to your CV. Emails like johnsmith@abcltd.co.ug should not be included. No none loves employing someone who already has a job and should your current employer track information and finds out that you are applying for other jobs, don’t get surprised if you are sacked.

10. Social media profile links. With the exception of LinkedIn, its better you keep your social media links and personal blogs out of the CV. You may hold them highly, but they might make your application to be dumped in the bottomless abyss.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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