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How to Save All Your Important Photos On Google Photos Automatically Using Your Google Account

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Photos tell the best stories and keep the sweetest memories; you might need to back up safely your photos online so that you can access them every time you need them. Google Photos is one of the easiest and most used platforms to back up photos online.

According to Google, there were 4 Billion photos being backed up on Google Photos Everyday by February 2021 and a total of over 4 Trillion photos being backed up on Google servers.

Why Should You Back Up on Google Photos

Backing your photos online has various advantages of which we shall mention a few:

  1. You can still have your photos once your device is lost since they are saved on cloud and you can access them every that you want.
  2. You can access your photos from everywhere even if you don’t have your devices as long as you have access to your email.
  3. Google Photos can be accessed through a mobile app and also via web.
  4. Google Photos allows you to save photos in original quality which helps maintain good quality photos.
  5. Photos backed up online are safe from virus attacks that may corrupt them.
  6. Photos can be organized in albums and also by faces and can easily be shared with Google users. 


    • Google Photos limit storage to 15 GB of data; this is shared with all your Google account activities including Gmail and Google Drive. This limits the amount of photos that can be backed up per single account. Additional storage space can be availed for Pro users (on subscription)
    • Photos can be accessed by anyone who gets access to your email. This means that shared emails like emails belonging to companies, work or family should not be used to backup photos.
    • In case one forgets the password or recovery information of their email, all the photos are as good as gone.
    • The service can only be accessed if you have a Gmail Account.

    How to set up back up of Google Photos

    To set up automatic phone back up, one needs a Photos App installed on the phone. It is advisable you have the latest update of Google Photos App from Play Store.

    First make sure that you are signed in with your Google Account and on your Android phone open Google Photos App.

    At the top right, tap on your Profile Photo or Initials and select photo settings.


    Tap on Back Up and Sync and Turn it on.

    On the Options that show up

    Tap on Upload Size and choose whether to upload original quality or storage saver which reduces the size and quality of photos.


    Back Up and Sync

    Tap on Mobile Data Usage to set the daily limit of back up. You can choose No data to disable backups on Mobile Data meaning photos will only backup when you are using Wireless internet (WiFi). You can also choose whether to back videos on data.

    Tap on Back Up folder devices to and tick folders that contain photos that you want to back up. The Camera folder is automatically backed up, you can now choose other folders that you want to back up.

    You are now ready to go, your photos are now being backed up, you are no longer worried about losing your photos when the phone stops is stolen or blacks out.

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