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How to Create a YouTube Account and Make Money in Uganda 2021

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Most of you have heard testimonies from various Ugandan artists, comedians and other individuals across the country testifying the mighty power of YouTube, having managed to make thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from the video streaming site YouTube. Do you have interest in joining YouTube?

The main way to make money on YouTube is via its YouTube Partner program of Google Adsense. In this program, YouTube displays adverts in your videos and pays you for any clicks made by people watching content from your channel.

Steps of Making money on YouTube.

  1. Create a YouTube account. If you are reading this post, you probably have a YouTube account already, if you have it already, jump to point number 2. If you have not yet created, the steps of creating a YouTube account are simple, create a Google account (Gmail Account) if you already have one, log into it.

Then go to YouTube and click the sign in button. By default, Google gives you a personal YouTube account. You can use that one, or you can choose to create a brand channel for your business. I encourage you to open a brand channel as opposed to a personal account. On your YouTube Channel details, there’s a button ‘Create a new channel’ click on that, give it a name of your choice and there we go.

  1. Make your channel meet the minimum required standards to meet the adsense program.

YouTube respects its advertisers, they therefore set minimum standards one must be meet before joining the YouTube adsense program. Your content must be original, Google hates content downloaded from other channels and uploaded to yours, the business of uploading Rema Namakula’s song video, or Bukedde news video to your channel and expect to make money from it, forget, once Google discovers you, your channel will not be confirmed or discontinued from the adsense program at worst, will even be deleted.

Your videos must be original and suitable for all audiences; adult videos are not accepted for adsense. See YouTube monetization guidelines here.

YouTube additionally made it a mandatory to be having a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel in the previous 12 months to be approved for adsense.

  1. Apply for Google Adsense. When you are sure that your channel follows both YouTube Partner guidelines and community guidelines, with 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, you can then apply for Google adsense, to apply, you need to follow guidelines listed above.

Get approved and start making money.

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 Other Monetization means besides Adsense.

    • YouTube has more programs like Ad revenue, YouTube premium revenue which is money received once a YouTube premium member views your content, Membership Payments, this where subscribers start paying an extra amount to access your content. YouTube unlocks this feature when you get 30,000 subscribers and Selling YouTube merchandise shelf.
    • Selling your own products. Once your channel has become popular, receiving lots of watch hours, you can think about tapping that market and selling them your products. A number of Ugandans buying online is increasing as it is in the rest of the world. Think of the product that you can market well. It can be related with your niche. For instance if your niche is about Fashion, you can start selling clothes or shoes, if your niche is about sports, you can sell sporting equipments, if you are a fitness instructor, sell gymnastic equipments, your viewers can support you and you make extra money from Channel. You can even put ads of your products at the end of your videos.

  • Become an influencer. Influencing does not stop on twitter and Instagram. You can also create sponsored content on your channel, have people advertise in your videos, give them mentions and give them a portion where to put their advert and let them pay you.
  • Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is starting to become popular in Uganda especially with coming of online betting companies and e-commerce websites.

In affiliate marketing, you are paid a percentage commission when someone you referred makes a purchase/payment. Amazon, Jumia give you an affiliate link where they truck people who click on those affiliate links and purchase goods thus giving you a commission. Betting companies in addition to giving you an affiliate link also give you a promotion code that your fans can use when subscribing and you get a good percentage (up to 40%) of the money a betting company makes from people you referred.

There are more other ways of making money on You Tube though they are ineffective in Uganda. As technology evolves, more ways will be coming and we shall be updating this article periodically.

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