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9 Legit ways: How to make Money on Facebook in Uganda

9 Legit ways: How to make Money on Facebook in Uganda

You have probably been hearing of people who make money from Facebook, people paying bills using Facebook, people having nothing else to do other than loading their data, OTT and spend a full day Facebooking yet they live moderately fine lives and look contented. Yes there’s money on Facebook and as long as you are willing to follow the basics of Facebook, you will make that cool cash.

I have personally told a story time and again of how I made my first UGX 1M from Facebook, that was in 2014 when I was still at campus before this write up ends, I will tell you how I earned it. Through the ages, I have tried various ways, and gained enough experience and also learned from others to make a compilation of how one can earn money from Facebook here in Uganda.

Facebook is the most popular social media site in Uganda with more than 2,500,000 active users who at least log on the site every month. With these numbers, Facebook can be targeted for money making and advertisement. The main way to make money on Facebook is through promotion and advertisement. However this can be done in many ways.

1 Being an Influencer. Most companies in Uganda are looking for influencers to promote their image, market their products or popularize their campaigns. You can become a Facebook influencer and get some cool cash. To be a Facebook influencer, should first create influence in your Facebook micro community. This is done by making yourself popular with the content you post and attracting a fairly large audience. No company wants an influencer who posts and gets 7 likes.

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2. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the type of marketing where you refer buyers and you are paid a commission for every product that is bought by people that you refer. With an increase in the number of companies which sell products directly online, affiliate marketing is on the rise and many companies are paying some good commission on sales made. Jumia is one of the most popular affiliate programs in Uganda where they give you a code or a link that you use while marketing their products. Any purchases made by people who clicked via your link or used your promo code, you will get a commission. Betting companies also have an affiliate program giving up to 35% commission.

3. Selling your products. People on Facebook are the same as people on the streets, they need clothes, they need shoes, they need furniture or electronics. You can start selling via Facebook and make money. Facebook has a market place that enables buyers and sellers to meet.

4. Sell other people’s products. If you have no capital to have your own products, you can sell other people’s sales agent. Go to a shop of someone you know, take photos of their products and post them on Facebook. Make sales and enjoy differences in price and also earn commission.

5. Being a social media manager. Musicians, Politicians, Companies and brands do not have time to manage their own accounts. Big companies like MTN, UMEME, Airtel have even a bigger team to manage their social media. You can apply and become an admin of a musician, politician or any other public figure for a pay.

6. Selling likes and shares. Brands like having many likes on their Facebook pages and even on their posts. Having those damn shares to boost their product and brand. People trust brands that have pages with a huge following. You can help such companies in developing pages, and getting them more following in form of likes. You can do this through inviting your friends, sharing their posts in groups, mentioning your friends in their posts etc. But this should be done under agreement with a company.

7. Enter Contests. Companies run many contests on their Facebook pages as part of their promotion. These contents include but not limited to the winner getting goodies like phones, Flat screens, eatables etc, Cash, treats like picnics, invitations to seminars and conferences etc. In most times these contents include posting photos or commenting on their posts and calling your friends to like your posts with a rule of the one with most likes takes it all. Other contests include asking quiz and announcing the winners as the first 5 or first 10 to get the correct answer.

8. Create group. Create a group in your own niche. You love Manchester United, create a group of Manchester United fans in Uganda, a group of Bobi Wine or Bebe Cool fans, a group giving love quotes or a gossip group, whatever you know best, create such a group. Invite in as many people as you can, make it active attracting more people to join, very soon you will be receiving people who want to pin posts in your group, who want to advertise in your active groups, is it a football group? Expect people selling jerseys to contact you or betting companies. A music group, people in need of music promotion will come for you. All you need to do is to make the group active and attract as many people as you can.

9. Creating your own pages. You can create a Facebook page, invite your friends to like it, post good content and attract a huge following. Active pages attract advertisers who want to tap your audience and give you money. Did I promise to tell you how I earned my first 1M on Facebook? Alright, I had developed a Facebook page called Where do broken hearts go posting love quotes in 2013 and in 2014 I sold it for UGX 1.3M. Fan pages are also good when selling your own products or influencing for companies.

There are other non-legit ways of making money you have ever heard of probably, but I advise you only to use legal means. Anything that breaks law will turn out expensive in the near future.

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