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6 Jobs that you can do from home in Uganda

6 Jobs that you can do from home in Uganda

With the impact of COVID -19, many people are now confined to their homes either because of government directives or because their businesses were affected by the Pandemic. Good news is that there are very many things you can do at your comfort in your free time while at home. These jobs include mainly internet jobs that can earn you a quite a lot of money.

1. Freelancer writing. Do you love writing? Writing about lifestyle, news, what’s happening around the world etc? Freelance writing can work for you! You can write for magazines, newspapers, columns, blogs and other content writing companies.

2. Web Developers and programmers. Do you have web development skills? Developing websites can be done from home. Submit proposals to many companies that might need your web developing services. Some will respond, then sit in your sitting room, do the work while working from home.

3. YouTuber. You Tube is now becoming a key source of entertainment. People are home, bored and always perusing through their phones for any new content. If you have any topic that you can confidently discuss in front of the camera, now is the time. It’s fun and as you get more engagements and views, Youtube starts paying you via its Google Adsense program. More money can come from endorsements and advertisements.

4. Blogger. Blogs are now one of the ways people can use to reach out to the population through sharing content. You can start a blog of your choice and choose niche of your own choice. Are you acquainted with sports? Start a sports blog. Popular with music, entertainment, comedy, fashion or politics? Start a blog of your choice. Blogs can help earn money through selling advertisement spaces.

5. Graphics designing. We are in the campaigns season. Every politician wants a campaign poster. If you are a skilled graphic designer, you can design such and more art works for musicians, companies, politicians, business men etc while working from home and earn money.

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6. Internet/digital marketing. The world has changed so modes of marketing. Many companies now source customers from the internet. You can work as marketer to any of these companies. You can also be a freelance marketer and earn a commission. Some companies like Jumia also offer affiliate marketing where you can get paid for every purchase done by a customer referred by you.
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