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10 Tricks: How to make your YouTube channel/video popular with views & subscribers in Uganda

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You have created a YouTube channel, tried creating content, upload but all you get is views from you and a few circle of friends, you probably started YouTube with a dream of making those thousands of dollars but you have even failed to make the pre-requisite 4000 watch hours needed to get your YouTube Channel monetized. Here we unlock the secrets of having a successful YouTube account. Before we start, I guess that you already have a YouTube account, or you are planning on having one. For steps on how to open a YouTube account, read this article.

People open YouTube channels for different reasons that include; Promoting music, promoting movies and trailers, to spread information about products and services offered by an individual or company, to disseminate information, give tips and business advice and many others. Whatever your reason is, it makes sense if your content gets audience because you spend too much time creating content in form of videos, editing those videos, using data to upload them only for you to get 85 unique views ☹

What you need to do to get subscribers and views on your channel.

1. Selecting niche and content.

Niche. On YouTube, content is the master. What you give people is what makes them and others to keep coming. You need to choose a niche of your Youtube Channel. Choose whether channel will be about sports, entertainment, comedy, politics, music, fashion, current events or tutorials.

To choose a better niche for your channel, I advise you to choose only that niche that you are familiar with. Don’t force yourself on something that you are not conversant with. If you are familiar with entertainment, choose that niche. If you are a comedian, do that, if you are good at giving relationship advice? Create a channel specifically explaining that, are you a gym instructor, create those tutorials. Do you know skills of liquid soap making, designing bottles, hand crafts etc and you would like to pass on those skills to people? Create that YouTube Channel. Most viewed channels in Uganda are Eddy Kenzo – Musician, Bukedde a Television channel, Anne Kansiime – Comedian, Masaka Kids – a dance group. Each of them chose a niche that they are popular with, Choose your niche and start from there.

Content: Content should be belief, well organized and not boring. Unless it’s a documentary or a short film, avoid videos that are too long with over 30 minutes. Keep the flow of content good to keep someone spend more of their time viewing your content otherwise people will open your videos and spend only for 15 seconds and leave.

Make quality videos.

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2. Work out YouTube Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As a YouTuber, you need to optimize your channel and videos in a way that they will rank fast in search engines like Google when one searches about topics covered on your channel. Create Video titles that are catchy and contain keywords that you are targeting users, short and meaningful. Give your videos description. Use categories and tags to help Youtube identify where your video belongs and how to rank it when one searches for it in YouTube.

3. Give your videos Custom thumbnails. A video thumbnail let viewers see a quick snapshot of your video as they’re browsing YouTube.

When the video finishes uploading, you can choose a thumbnail from the three options YouTube automatically generates, or upload your own. I advise you to upload your own. Most thumbnails generated by YouTube are unclear. Upload your own photo which is clear and representing what is in the video.

4. Share your videos on social media. As a digital marketer, you need to have a strong social media presence. Ugandans mostly use Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Share your newly uploaded video to your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp and Facebook groups plus twitter. You need to do this in a professional way. Avoid sharing your YouTube videos in annoying way (spamming) filling them everywhere you comment in every whatsapp and Facebook group! Spamming brings a negative impact on your channel.

5. Find out what your audience expects from you/what your audience wants. Be flexible and move according to your fans demands. Engage with the community and find out their expectations. In whatever category/niche that you fall, first research about what the audience wants. Otherwise you will spend time creating videos that no one is interested in watching.

6. Embed your videos on your website. If you really have a website or blog, it will be easier for you to get extra views from your blog to your YouTube videos. Embed the videos to your website’s posts and let fans watch your YouTube content directly from your website.

7. Interact with your fans. YouTube just like other social media sites includes building a strong community and network. Always reply and interact with your followers who comment on your videos.

8. Respect YouTube community guidelines.

9. Create Series. Creating series on a YouTube Channel is one of the things that keep your followers coming for more. Have you ever followed Stecia Mayanja and the New House Girl series, how about A Girl from Mparo by Anne Kansiime? Such series keep fans coming to see what the newest episode is.

10. Tell Fans what to do. It’s you to command your audience. ‘Subscribe to our channel for more’ ‘Share this video your friends’ etc such appeals to fans and other CTAs (Call to Action) increase engagement and following your channel.


Developing a YouTube channel is not a one week process. It’s a continuous process that you will keep doing for the whole lifetime of your channel, but if you follow the above procedures, you will see a big change within weeks. Once your videos become popular, YouTube starts suggesting them to users who are viewing related content and in that way, you get more viral reach and your old videos will be recycled and put to use.

It is therefore important that you balance both trending topics and evergreen topics. Trending topics are those videos made about trending topics, they get viewership quickly but also fade quickly, a Video about Eddy Kenzo winning a BET Award might have been catchy those days received hundreds of thousands of views but is no long relevant while an evergreen topic like a video describing Eddy Kenzo’s background and biography will be always relevant time to time bringing Traffic as long as Eddy Kenzo is still a celebrity.

An example a viral/trending video. Denis Duke Uganda created this video and managed to accumulate 1.4M Views in just 4 days. A combination of such trending videos, with evergreen videos makes your YouTube channel a fabulous one.

Combine content, SEO and Video Quality tricks to bring the best to the customer and also get as many views as possible for your YouTube channel. Success!

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