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10 Exclusive places to find job listings in Uganda

Whereas print Newspapers still take a credit of being the leading source of employment listings in Uganda, employers are continuing to find new alternatives that are quick and effective. To keep on with the hustle of hunting for jobs, you must be well versed with all these available job listing platforms so as to know when your preferred job is being advertised. Here are popular places in Uganda where jobs are advertised.

1. Newspapers. As I said, Print Newspapers are the still the leading source of employment opportunities in Uganda, Daily Monitor and The New Vision (especially Monday Vision) publish a total of more than 10,000 jobs a weekly. It is wise to keep reading these papers timely so as to keep updated with available jobs. In some cases they publish over 50,000 jobs a week.

2. Online Job listing websites. Uganda has got over 10 websites that post Pearl Jobs, with the leading being Pearl Jobs, Brighter Monday, Greater Ugandan Jobs, Jobs in Uganda and the Ugandan Jobline. Combined, they publish over 200 jobs every day. Keep checking on each of them for the latest opportunities. With the mushrooming online scam, avoid paying any website money or individuals to get job connections as some new websites are emerging with the target of conning Ugandans who are seeking jobs.

3. Email subscriptions. Most job listing websites of email subscription emails where they keep sending new job alerts so that you do not miss out in case of job listings in your area. Subscribe to those mailing lists for timely updates.

4. Company websites. Most big companies, NGOs, International bodies and government agencies post available jobs openings on their websites. It’s advised to keep checking on OFFICIAL social media profiles and websites of those organizations for job listings.

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5. Company notice boards, companies in Uganda especially SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) do not incur expenses of advertising jobs but rather choose to use their own platforms like Company Notice boards to announce available job openings.

6. Make use of Google word alerts. Google allows creating alerts of some keywords and get an email whenever those words are mentioned anywhere online. Google allows you to filter those alerts to include getting only alerts when the keyword is mentioned in news, web, blogs, finance, books or anywhere on the internet. Putting keywords of your job qualifications in Google alerts can help you to get an email whenever such jobs are mentioned online. You can create Google Alerts here

7. Make use of Facebook Jobs section. Facebook introduced a future where employers can post jobs on their Facebook pages and users will get those job feeds in the jobs section on Facebook. While using Mobile Facebook on a Facebook app, Job feeds can be found by clicking on the left side menu.

8. Join LinkedIn make sure you make a standard profile. LinkedIn premium version has a feature of creating alerts so that you will be alerted whenever a job containing your keywords is listed.

9. Attend industrial seminars, seminars about career guidance, entrepreneurship etc. It helps you establish networks of people in your profession and employers as well. Online career related discussions are also worth a trial.

10. Make use of your circles and networks. People know job opportunities at their work places before anyone else. They can help in connecting you.
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.



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