Raymond has a tiny & soft Pee-Pee, He won’t satisfy you – Don Zella warns Remmie Precious

Everyone has what he/she worries about in a new relationship. Some worry about being cheated on but Don Zella thinks that the best thing Remmie Precious should worry about is being satisfied in bed.

Apparently the former lover of Big Eye, Don Zella, is advising the freshly in love Remmie Precious of Spark TV to quit her one day relationship saying that her new lover Raymond is not worthy keeping.

Don Zella says that she once enjoyed Raymond in bed and she knows him from the head to toe and he is not the kind of the love one would need to have as her permanent love of life since heartbreaks will follow.

“Bambi Remmie don’t marry that ka guy” Don Zella started pleading “kagenda kutomeza”

According to Don Zella she met Raymond in July this year and after the latter confessed to having no girlfriend, Don Zella agreed to go with him to spend a night together. She says that the man’s cassava was too soft, tiny like Lwasa’s and is not the kind of a partner she would wish to see Remmie marry.

“I was with this ka man on my show in July 16th Don Zella said “I asked him do u have a gal friend mbu nooo …whole night when the night ended we drove to his ka house. He has a little pee pee soft like oba ki ? Like a child”

Remmie Precious was proposed by Raymond on Wednesday and she said yes! Ever since then, internet has been filled with various rumors and hype.

Don Zella concluded by telling Remmie that the guy dated her not because he loves her but because he wants fame. She went ahead to tell him that he is broke like a church mouse and won’t provide anything to Remmie.

“He loves fame sister …but Sente myeeeee”

Remmie hasn’t said anything about the ongoing rumors and she seems not move but what people are saying.

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