I’m ready to go for a DNA on that sex tape- man alleged to be John Blaq says

As the debate on the real personality of the man in the sex video that surfaced over the weekend alleging to be John Blaq having intercourse rages on, the man who was accused to be the one has come out to clear the air.

A one Visa Vibes was the alleged man in the video due to his close resemblance to John Blaq.

In this video a man is seen coiled in a woman having intercourse with shades and a chain on.

Rumor had it that it was the Kamotokka singer.

However he came out with his management to refute the claims.

John Blaq added that it could be his previous management that could be behind this saga.

It should be recalled that the singer parted ways bitterly with his group and they could be intending to continue damaging his brand.

However, Visa Vibes who is an upcoming musician said that he was being accused of something he has no idea about.

He added that he has even never seen John Blaq and doesn’t know him at all personally.

Vibes said that looking like John Blaq does not mean he’s the one because people always look alike.

Vibes added that he was ready to go for a DNA on the tape to prove that he wasn’t the one in it before he was reminded that a DNA is not possible on the tape.

Vibes also said that he was a parent and had a mother whom he loves so much.

There was no way he could do such a thing to hurt the people he loves and cares about so much.

He even called upon the government to help him in this saga to clear his name.

This is something that will obviously fade out but social media users are convinced that it wasn’t John Blaq in the video but rather Visa Vibes

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