Singer Kapa Cat arouses Lesbian rumors on Social media


Female dancehall singer Kapa Cat has sparked lesbian rumors after posting a photo of her with another female looking worryingly close to each other.

The ‘Solomon’ singer who has become known for her naughtiness and oozing sexiness on social media captioned the photo “According to the Weather.”

This prompted her followers to ask whether they wanted to feast on each other or if she’s coming out of the closet slowly.

“What’s that Kapa,?”

“Sodom and Gomorrah manya nga Solomon.”

“Kumbe u are a gay.”

“You are coming out slowly slowly.”

“Who is Kapa and who is the cat of the two.”

“Kwegamba u want to eat urselves.”

The diva didn’t reply to any of the comments but it could have been just a friendly gesture.

Girls are known to get close to each other at times in awkward positions which at times leaves question marks especially in an age where each gender can feast on each other.

But well who knows if she wants to take an adventurous route from the normal.

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