Peace talks between Nina Roz and Black Market Records


It seems after months of battling each other, Black market records and Nina Roz have decided to resort to dialogue to sort out the disagreements between them.

This was revealed by Dembe FM presenter Kasuku on one of his daily morning shows.

Kasuku said that he was told NBS After 5 presenter Douglas Lwanga was the one trying to mediate these talks.

It seems like with her career that has been dwindling Black Market could take her on once again in a bid to revive it.

“I was informed that last week Douglas Lwanga was trying to reconnect Nina Roz with Black Market Records so that they can take her on again and keep her music career going on,”Kasuku said.

It should be noted that Nina has been battling the label over contract disagreements.

The disgruntled singer even threatened to sue the label and the label retaliated that it would do the same.

And with many having advised the singer to seek a more peaceful way since she signed the contract, it seems like she has decided to take the easiest road.

With her recent conversion to the Born Again denomination, it seems the Enyonta singer decided to start leaving some battles to God to fight them for her.

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