I’m The Only Man Who Will Love And Cheat On You Respectfully – A pass

If there is one musician who is in a wrong profession, then it’s none other than Alexander Bagonza aka A pass.

The singer is so good at comedy that at times he makes some local comedians look amateurs.

A pass took to his Facebook page to throw a joke presumably at Flavia Tumusiime over the cheating allegations of her husband Andrew Kabuura.

The Memories singer said that he’s the only man who cannot  cheat on his wife and won’t even be caught at all.

A pass then said that he will at times cheat and lie but the wife will never find out because he respects her and this will keep her happy.

“When I love, I Looooooooovvveee. I am the kind of a man every woman needs.

The kind of man who cheats but you never find out because I respect you so much.

I am the perfect man you need in your life baby boo. I will lie to you sometimes, I will cheat from time to time but you will never catch me sweets, which means you will be happy. I hit and run,” A pass posted on his Facebook page.

The singer has been hyper ever since allegations broke out that Andrew Kabuura is a certified cheat boy.

A pass throws around jokes at Flavia who he tried to woo a few years ago but got rejected.

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