Bebe Cool and Chameleone heap praise onto each other


Bebe Cool and Chameleone’s friendship is one that will always stand despite the hurdles it has faced.

The two are undoubtedly are big pillar to the Ugandan music industry and they will always be legends.

As Chameleone has been receiving backlash from the public especially NUP supporters for denouncing them and going back to NRM, Bebe Cool took time off to link up with his friend and music general.

The wire wire singer said that he’s always happy when he links up with Chameleone and they share memories of where they built this industry from.

Bebe added that he will always respect Chameleone because he deserves it.

“We have a debt to Allah, one that we must pay.
He gave us an opportunity to be who we are so that we can share the same opportunity with humanity.

Am always proud and exceptionally happiness when we meet and share memories that gave light to what most will enjoy.

I will always respect you General, Jose Chameleone, for you deserve the respect,” Bebe Cool said.

Chameleone also took to his Facebook page to post the same photo Bebe Cool had posted to saying that him and Bebe Cool are the godfathers of music in Uganda and they are alive and kicking.

“The god fathers of the Creative Industry are alive and kicking.

This wasn’t started today , long time ago with so many sacrifices and built a remarkable milestone that has paved way for many talented youths beyond borders. We shall continue to serve with our utmost loyalty in the same way.

Regardless the environment,” Chameleon posted.

The pair met in Kenya about two decades ago under the Ogopa DJs and formed a lifetime friendship.

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