Ailing comedian Bugingo curses Pastor Aloysious Bugingo


The ailing comedian alias Hassan Ssenyonjo has come out to curse HPMI lead Pastor, Aloysious Bugingo.

The comedian who is so sick with his private organs leaking was told that his situation might detoriate into cancer.

And since then he has been on the hunt of Ugx 27m to go for an operation.

The comedian though blames the city pastor for the unknown strange illness that attacked him shortly after Pastor Bugingo prayed laid his hands on him.

He even added how he had decided to drop the name Bugingo and adopt a new one of Kaberenge Denge.

“The day Pastor Bugingo laid his hands on me that is when I started facing all the challenges that I am undergoing. From today onwards I no longer want anybody to call me comedian pastor Bujingo. Now I want people to call me Kaberenge Denge,” the comedian said.

The comedian has severally been appearing on different media houses begging Ugandans for help.

It’s not the first time he’s faulting someone in this illness as he a few weeks ago blamed Alex Muhangi for not doing enough to help him but rather only exploiting his talent.

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