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8 Mistakes Men MUST Never Make While in a Relationship

8 Mistakes Men MUST Never Make While in a Relationship

Often we fall in love and make our hearts so vulnerable by submitting our inner cautiousness to people who never even deserve it. Yes love can always be tricky and end up making you do insane things but all in all, you must never let your inner cautiousness rest with it all.

Since you’re the man you should always keep that honor and pride as a man, there are mistakes that ruin your relationship, yes let it be your focus on how to avoid those mistakes.

Here are some of the mistakes you must never make in a relationship, otherwise you’ll end up always cursing the day you met that beautiful Angel of yours when everything changes its route:

-Never let a woman decide for you, yes at times its for the good since everyman needs a woman to rely on, but you should never submit your all to that princess of yours otherwise she will make you do a mistake that you may never realize is a mistake till our blindfold is removed then you will regret everything you ever did unless if it’s a developmental business idea.

-Never move into a woman’s House, this is a mistake most men make, you move into her crib then she will know that she has total control over you. So you lose your dignity and respect as a man in the end, she will make you her toy since you’re the one that moved in and in the end you will end up becoming the woman of the house and her becoming the man of the house.

-Never date a woman that earns more than you or even gets paid higher than you, that is something most men look at as an advantage that the woman will be helping them cover up some bills but forgetting that in the end of it all, she will start treating you like trash and most so like her keeper rather than her man, she earns more so she has all the audacity to make all the big decisions for both of you.

-Never Commit your heart to someone you’ve not known for at least six months, yes women are the biggest pretenders and they can hide that sub cautiousness till when they know that they have you cuddled in their hands, you should keep your heart to yourself till when you’re sure that they are the right people, so in other words you Should never rush it.

-Never allow to stay with a woman who has other men that you even know about, she will use that advantage to cheat on you and break your heart. Yes she will tell you that those men help her somehow financially but you will lose your dignity hence lowering your values as a man.

-Never drop off your friends and most so your family members just because you love a woman and they tell you the bad things about her, cause you will be blinded by love and think that maybe they are jealousy of you yet all they want to do is help you not to be broken in the end. So when you lose it, no one will be willing to give a Sh!t about you cause they would have warned you.

-Never walk back into a relationship that you once walked away from, a U-turn can never be a solution so you should rather move forward and maybe find the right person that will understand you and be willing to take you for who you are other than looking back and wishing to have what you lost before.

-Last one of the Mistakes, once you find that “miss perfect” of yours, you must never compare her to your ex because that will be like lowering their value and love hence showing them that your still so much into your so cold old lover. Move on and build your life with that new person, then maybe you will never have to hurt again.


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