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6 Things Women Terribly Hate but Won’t Tell You

6 Things Women Terribly Hate but Won’t Tell You

Have you ever been in love with that gender, everything is going on well and all of sudden she changes her attitude towards you, she starts distancing herself from you and you don’t know why? You wonder what you did to her?

Well there are things that women hate so much but will never open up to a man to tell her why. Today we bring you those 6 things that irritate women so much and make them hate you so much to the extent to chucking you.

Here are the 6 things that women really hate too much but might never reveal to you.

Women are very dangerous creatures. Of course not dangerous as the word dangerous sounds but rather complicated. Women are amazing, the finest creature created by God after 6 creation days had passed after Adam spent days bored. But sometimes this gender might complicate things, not straight forward, not open and confusing. But we continue to unmask some of the things that really irritate women and why they might hate you without your knowledge.

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1. Looking at your phone amidst the conversation.

If you are that guy who always checks on his phone to see the latest messages on whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram and those funny Tiktok messages while with a girl, just know she hates that so much. A woman wants full attention while you are with her. Checking on your phone too often makes her feel insecure as if you are having another lady that you are talking to.

2. Taking about your ex so often.

You are no longer with your ex, let that story rest. Don’t always talk about your ex when you are with your girlfriend or wife. Whether you are praising her or critical about her ways. Whatever the case, let stories about your ex rest. When you keep talking about your ex, whether good or bad things, a woman will always know that you are still thinking about her which makes them insecure.

3. Men who don’t laugh.

Hey bro, every woman wants a serious relationship. But not too serious to smile a bit. Women hate people who seem not laugh so often who keep those gloomy faces looking like Kony rebels. Always smile while you are with her even if your smile is not as cute as Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s, but still smile!

4. Not caring about how you look.

You are that person who doesn’t care about your dressing styles, facial appearances etc, then you need to be gay! Women want men who dress nicely (differentiate nicely from expensively), put that lotion on your face not to have scales of reptiles on your skin, women love that so much.

5. Looking at another woman in their presence.

You are with the lady you claim to love, and then another woman passes by with big bums and a beautiful face and boom! You start starring at her. Bro what do you want her think? That you want to convert that lady to Christianity?  When you are with a lady don’t star at other women, even if they are more cute. If you do it, do it in a style that she won’t recognize. But if she notices, then know that your days as a couple are limited you will be lamenting how all ladies are hoes when actually it’s not true!

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Smelling like showering was banned in the country.

I guess you already knew this right bro! That smell is only preferred when it is coming directly from a fish they are going to eat not a boyfriend they are going to date. Worry much about how you smell, your mouth odor, even when there’s something natural about you, then try something artificial, deodorants, mouth wash etc. But smell nice my bro.


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