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6 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Still Cheat

6 Reasons Why People In Happy Relationships Still Cheat

You have seen couples in a relationship, who love each other, cherish each but still you find that cheat. Some people think that cheating should only be for people who are not contented. But this is not the case. Here we bring you 6 exclusive reasons why people in happy relationships still cheat.

1. BECAUSE IT’S FUN: If you don’t have the means to go sky-diving, you may end up cheating on your partner. A happy relationship can sometimes become monotonous. Happy doesn’t equate to boring, but the line starts to get blurry when you stay with someone long enough without anything new happening.

2. BECAUSE SOMETIMES ITS BETTER THAN GREAT S3X: People have different tastes when it comes to s*x, but those interests are rarely realized in committed relationships. Extreme fetishes are less likely to surface when two people are completely happy with the way things are going in their relationship. Happy people will cheat to try new things, but it doesn’t mean that they want to get rid of their current relationship.

3. NEW ROMANCE: Yes, happy relationships are still brimming with romance. But if someone comes along and makes you feel hotter and more passionate than the way you do with your current partner, cheating suddenly becomes an option.

4. BECAUSE THEY MIGHT NOT GET CAUGHT: No matter how happy a person is, when the opportunity presents itself to cheat without any repercussions, it’s possible that they will go for it. If the person cheating is someone who does not put too much value on their morality, their illicit activities won’t give them any problems as long as they’re absolutely sure that they won’t get caught.

5. THE EX CAME INTO THE EQUATION: You’re right in being apprehensive about a partner spending time with their ex. An inappropriate level of frequency and context of meetings could likely end up in an affair, because they have history, are both adults with raging hormones and can resolve themselves to the fact that it can happen because they’ve done it before.

6. SOMETIMES, CHEATING PARENTS: As much as we want to believe that we won’t make the same mistakes our parents made, it always seems to overtake our common sense in the end. Conditioning has shown us that it’s a possible scenario, and the certain steps taken to prevent what your parents did aren’t enough to actually avoid doing it.


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