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PBU Investment Club

PBU Investment Club

Proud to be a Ugandan Investment Club is an investment club of members who united to pool resources together for investment with a purpose of generating profits.

The investment club was founded in February 2021 and so far has 30 registered members who save with the club 50,000 with the club every month.

The investment club so far has an investment portfolio of 5,600,000 shillings in stocks and UGX 5,4000,000 in mutual funds and fixed deposits, 4,900,000 in loans to members and is looking forward to hitting 50M in total assets by June 30th 2022.

The Investment Club seeks to increase the investment portfolio from to land holding and Real Estates trading in 2022.

They are registered as a company limited by shares under the name PBU Investments (U) Ltd.

Name: PBU Investment Club

Founded: February 14th 2021

Total Assets: $7600

Membership: 30

Registered: Yes.

The Investment Club seeks to establish itself as a billion company in a few years to come.

Inquiry: Kalyebara Andrew Collins – Publicity Secretary +256708071111

Turyamuleba Nelson – General Secretary +256702059463


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