Uganda Airlines Plane Runs Out Of Fuel

Uganda airlines took to it’s social media handles and website to apologise to it’s clients after one of their planes ran out of fuel.

This incident happened at the Julius Nyerere International airport in Dar es Salaam Tanzania on the 12th of July 2021.

This affected the time schedule of their clients but the airline attributed it to the fuel supplier who delayed.

They nevertheless promised that this won’t happen again.

“Allow us to apologise for the prolonged delay at Julius Nyerere International Airport, Dar es Salaam that occured yesterday, 12th July on our flight UR 321.

Our service was affected by a mix up in delayed fuel delivery to the Aircraft caused by our supplier in Dar es Salaam.

We have taken up the matter with them to ensure a repeat of the same does not reoccur in future

We wish to assure you that the mishap does not define our day to day standards of service. Thank you for your continued support.” Uganda airlines posted on it’s social media handles.

This is something that hugely affected the still young airline’s reputation.

However, this is not the first scenario where airlines run out of fuel as others have even gone ahead to lead to perishability of the airline leading to massive loss of lives and property.

Ugandans though resorted to roasting the airlines for this hiccup though the majority have never used the airlines.

“I bet the pilot tried to start the plane several times and he was like ‘eeeh temuli mafuta’.” One social media user said.

“Bend the thing, blow in some air and start the engine. What a Jaj can do a Bombadier can.” Another Twitter user hilariously said.

“Amin your were a great great president I really missed your leadership imagine a generation claiming to be so learned is doing this total mismanagement and eventually collapse.”

“Anti emilimu bajiwa ba mwana wa gundi who don’t take their jobs seriously after all it came easy.

Kati olwo singa gagweredemu mu banga

Don’t they check these planes thoroughly prior to each trip.

Olaba bus jyebekenenya nga tenasimbula.olwo okukebera amafuta mu.”

“This is embarrassing.” Another said.

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